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Civil ID Card renewal online in Kuwait 2021

The ID card or community ID is also called Bitaqa-Almadaniyah The Civil ID card contains all the information about the residents. It is an important document for anyone detained abroad. Under Kuwait’s recent law, foreign nationals in Kuwait will not be allowed to enter or leave the country unless they have a valid passport and ID card issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).if you want to renew your civil id here is a best website to know all about civil id

As an immigrant living in Kuwait, it is important to carry legal and official documents with you whenever you travel around the city. The process of renewing Public Identity Cards has become easier in Kuwait.

Civil-ID Card renewal process

Civil ID cards can now be renewed online, below are the steps and requirements to get your Civil ID card updated without difficulty. Applicants must visit the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, Downstairs, Reception Hall to receive a new card. Required document is Old civil ID.


You can do this service over the phone or online at both

First: By telephone

Call 1889988
Press (1) in Arabic and (2) in English
Select the service number (1) from the list of names
Enter your old ID number and wait until your application is processed

paci civil id renewal online

Step 1) Go to the PACI system website In Envelope, if the website is Arabic you can change the language to English.

Step 2) Enter Civil ID no and serial no. shown in the background

Step 3) You will need to verify your mobile number. so they will send you a confirmation SMS

Step 4) Enter all the required data (blood type is unique but if that needs to be changed and you will also need to upload a web report)

Step 5) Upload the required documents

Step 6) You will be sent an application reference number to your registered mobile number, which you can use to track the progress of your application. here is a complete procedure to civil id renewal online 

Step 7) The process will take a few days as your request requires a manual check, once approved you will be sent a link to your mobile phone to make the payment.

Step 8) Get your new card from the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers ’Building, Floor, Reception Hall. Pay the card receipt fee.


Check Emirates ID Card Status Online 2021

Emirates ID Card is a type of smart card that fashions your ID, describes where you live in Dubai, where you work, and your family and nationality. If you take any service from anywhere in Dubai, this ID card is used for it. If you go to visit an organization or if you go to work. is a Great website To Check Emirates ID card Status Track your card and Others Useful Articles.

First of all, your Emirates CD card is highly important. It will be seen that both the residents and the visitor will be issued a complete one on it. You can make it by staying in Dubai for a certain period of time and call it. Be sure to do this before 30 days expire. If this ID card expires, you are likely to be fined heavily, which is why the Dubai government has set up a number of online website services.

How to Check Emirates ID Card Status Online?

The Dubai government has introduced the same system in me whether you are a resident of Dubai or you have come to work for as many services as you have. So you have to give the number of the Emirates ID Card. If it is about to expire then it can be renewed at the same time by paying a certain amount.

There are some places where you can go and pay a certain amount of money and make yourself a renewed card or even a new card. It is very important to know the status of the Emirates ID card as it will let you know when your work is about to expire. Or you work for a company they do And don’t worry about it later.

In UAE Emirates Id card is very Important for travel and work In any place, and To Check Emirates ID status is Most important if he expire maybe UAE government expel from UAE and exit your Visa or Heavy fine You pay. Its necessary To Check Online Your Emirates ID Status Just Enter your Emirates ID Number.

How to Etisalat Sim Renewal Emirates ID Online?

A lot of people want to know how we can renew our Etisalat SIM with our Emirates ID. Because we have to pay a certain payment. And you can register online with your My ID card from the original. It’s easy. You can also know that my mother feels that no one is using me. do not know Can be canceled.

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Kuwait Civil Mobile ID App For Android

Kuwait Civil Mobile id App is one of the best app in Kuwait to Check different things about their Civil id and much more. You can apply for new Visa, Check Visa Status and their application Status in Kuwait. You can also Check Civil Id Status In Kuwait Using the Latest Best Kuwait Civil Mobile ID App on android Phone.

Features Of Kuwait Civil Mobile ID App

There Are Many Features of this Unique Kuwait Mobile id app. Some Features are explained below.

  1. Check E Visa Status: You can check the status of your E Visa Through Kuwait Mobile ID App. For this Purpose You need to install and Select English language in Kuwait Mobile ID App. After that Click on the First Option that is E Visa Status. After that Enter Your Visa Number and click on the Check Button Option. In this Way you can check your E Visa Status in Kuwait.
  2. Apply New Visa: After language Selection Click on Second Option that is Apply New Visa Option. In the new page fill all the details and click on Apply Now
  3. Visa Application Status: Click on the Third option that is Visa application status. Now enter your application number and click to check application status of your visa. It will appear in new page
  4. Civil id Status: You can Know the Civil id status with Kuwait Mobile ID, For this Option app, Select language and click on Fourth Option that is Civil id Status. After doing this process, now fill your civil id number in the box. When you done this then click on Query option to know inquiry about the identity status. Now see your status, If status come good then you not need to renew your civil id. Here You can find more easy way to civil id status check
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NBI Clearance Online Application Registration

NBI Clearance is very Necessary Philippine To get Jobs and Passport. The NBI Clearance strands for National Bureau of Investigation which have complete record of  all peoples. So Before any Job, Passport or any other facilities the NBI Clearance is required. Without that you can’t get any job, any work and any other important thing in Philippine.

So the NBI Clearance Online registration system available to clear your record and check your record and activities in this country. So here I will tell you how to register yourself for NBI Clearance.

NBI Clearance Online Application Registration

  1. First Of all Visit the Website of NBI. You can visit this Government NBI Website by Clicking Here
  2. In the Home Page You will show Two Option. Yes or NO. If you have already account on this website then Press “Yes” Option. If you are new user then click on the “NO” option. Here is a Guide For  NBI Clearance Renewal 
  3. If You Press Yes Option then you need to enter Follow Things, First Name, sure name, mobile number, Date of Birth, NBI Number and then click on Submit Option.
  4. If You Press No Option then Forum appear in your Screen. Fill this Forum. Select Gender, Select Status, Date Of birth, First and Middle name, Email Address, Password. Fill Captcha and Click On Proceed Option.
  5. After the completion of account creation process, you need to Click on Sign in Option and sign in your account.
  6. The Application forum appear when you sign in, Fill this forum and click on the Save information Option. Now you can edit for submit application for appointment.
  7. Now Pay Payment option appear, Pay appointment fee and then, select nearby Bank Branch and scadule your appointment day.
  8. Must go to office on your selected date, otherwise your fee will not be return.

To Know More About NBI Clearance Then visit this site

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Jazz Weekly Internet Packages 3G/4G

Jazz is the honest telecom company in pakistan that provides amazing service to the pakistan audience. The company help them to use internet with the better way. Pakistan is the country which have some telecom companies that are not powerful from Jazz.

So, Jazz is the one telecom which provides net speed and service honestly in pakistan. As fast internet speed jazz also provides comfordable internet packages to its users. Here we specially discussed about Jazz weekly internet packages. Let’s get started

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages
Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

Jazz Weekly internet packages most subscribed by the customers of jazz. The jazz’s customers are subscribing weekly offers to use the internet with better way. In the Jazz weekly internet packages, You can get unlimited Data very easily.

Jazz Weekly Internet packages are the main part of jazz internet packages. Jazz weekly net packages contains eight best offers like Weekly Social, Weekly Youtube, Jazz Weekly Streamer, Weekly Premium and other more offers are included in the list of jazz weekly net packages.

More About Jazz Weekly Internet Packages

If you are living in out country and want to do video call on WhatsApp, IMO. If yes, Then you have to activate Weekly social offer. In this offer Jazz is offering you 5 GBS For IMO, WhatsApp and Facebook.

And Also enjoy Facebook like videos and other content you want on Facebook. Jazz weekly offer is valid for 7 days. If you are wondering to use Youtube for 1 weekly. Then may you have to must try weekly youtube offer of jazz. Because in this offer You can get 5GBS Date for youtube on the sim of Jazz.

In the weekly youtube offer, Jazz is providing you 5GB Which can be used for youtube. Enjoy content of youtube with very fast speed. And also enjoy 5GBS For 1 week on your jazz sim.

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How To Check Kuwait Civil ID Status

Kuwait civil id is the national identity for expats in Kuwait. This identity card is know as a civil id in Kuwait. In this article, I will tell you how to check kuwait civil id status.

There are Few Methods to check the complete status of your civil identity card. There are the list of procedure to check it

  1. PACI Kuwait Portal
  2. Civil Mobile ID
  3. Voice Inquiry

Here Is a Easy Guide To Civil Id Status Check

Civil id Status With PACI Kuwait Portal.

Civil id Status With PACI Kuwait Portal is Most popular way. But here I will explain very easy and simple language. So you can check the status with this in just 2 Minutes. So Follow Below Given steps

  1. Visit PACI Kuwait Portal For checking the status easily. In the Main appears of this portal you will find “inquiring About Civil Id Status Option. Click On this Optin
  2. Now Enter Your Civil Id Number in the Big Box Of Civil Id. Put Your Civil id Number and then “Press Query” option Button
  3. The Status of Your Civil id Appear, If you the status come that “No outstanding renewal request”, its means your status is good and your card is valid,not expired. If Status come, You have not Renews Your id, its means your card is not valid, means you have a  expired card. So renew it as soon as Possible

Civil Id Status With Kuwait Mobile ID

Use Kuwait Mobile ID application If you want To check civil id status with Mobile using app. So follow below steps

  1. Install Civil Mobile ID App. Allow permission and click to Open it. Select Your Language
  2. Click on “Check Civil id Status Option”. Enter Your civil id number in the Box of civil id number.
  3. Click on Query Option To find the status of your civil id

Civil Id Status Voice Inquiry

Dail 1889988 on your Zain Sim or any Mobile network sim to Check civil id status using voice query. Follow all process and do same. In this way you can “inquiring About Civil Id Status Voice Query



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Zain Internet Packages

Zain Internet Packages.By the way, there are many internet companies in Saudi Arabia that offer you prepaid posters and internet offers in very few Saudi riyals and also Zen company offers you a lot of offers and services. So that you can be their teaser and use their SIM and their mobile phone and we will tell you what kind of packages they have.check here New Zain Internet package



Zain 30 Days Internet Packages

You can also get monthly package details from wherever this app gives you the rest of the internet package, if you like, the prepaid packages that are full monthly are available through this app on your mobile. I can also install there are different types of duties. And there is a huge number of customers like monthly packages throughout the month. There are also limited and unlimited types of packages whose prices vary as well.if you are using also STC sim then Activate here STC internet package 3 month and enjoy unlimited internet in low price.

And confirms their value, even more, is the number of users that prefer that their number to be and have many days to use them.

Monthly SMS Packages

The company also provides a huge number of SMS packages to its customers. Using SMS requires almost every user who is on a daily basis as well as a month. There are also SMS packages for any kind of user.

Zain currently provides its internet services in almost every country in the world, including Bahrain, Oman, and Iran in particular. Mind broadcasts are very popular in these countries and customers like them very much. If so, in this article we have told you everything according to the currencies of Zain rates in all the countries. Zain internet offer is very popular in overall Saudi Arabia because get more extra benefits.

Easy Cards dates

Zain It also provides EasyEcard to its users. With an Easy card, users can install packages of their choice. These Easy cards can be easily accessed from any field and. You can also install packages to your liking by installing the cards on your mobile. Easy card users are very fond of the different companies that offer different types of cards to their customers.

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Civil ID

Hi dear today we are going to discuss about Civil ID. First of all come and discuss what is civil ID? This is a identity card of Kuwait and this is very important document for every person who wants to stay in Kuwait. Its means that those people who are interested to go and live in Kuwait. Then these people need a document to live there. This Official Document is called civil ID status. So this is very compulsory for every person to live in Kuwait. At know the Government of Kuwait introduced many facilities through this identity card.

Civil Id

This is a special and important document for all people who are living in Kuwait. This id has unique numbers and these numbers have more value and this is useful for everyone.Through online system you can check all information about this id. And this is one of the best document through government handle and manage all records of people.

Renewal Procedure

Dear comment discuss the procedure of renewal this identity card. This is very easy and very simple way to renew this identity card. Through online system you can renew your civil ID in short period of time by Parliament some steps. You just need to visit for renewal procedure and then a new window will be appear.

And you need to read that article carefully and try to understand every step of this article. Then you can easily understand renewal procedure of your identity card.

Moi Kuwait

MOI stand for ministry of Interior kuwait. And this ministry handled every procedure process of the Civil ID status. Its means that all records manage in this ministry. Civil Id is a compulsory document for those people who wants to live in Kuwait. They need to keep this ID card with themselves when they go outside their home.

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Mobily Internet Data Packages

Mobily is a telecommunication network in Saudi Arabia that provides internet with high speed. And also this network provides one of the best call packages to his users. Please call back are in cheap rates for a user. This telecommunication network also provides SMS packages user-friendly means less rates. Here We will Discuss about Mobily internet packages of this telecommunication network with complete detail.

Mobily Internet Data Packages

Mobily Internet Data Packages
Mobily Internet Data Packages

mobily data Packages have different Types and categories. This provides internet with high speed and better quality as compared with other telecommunication networks in Saudi Arabia. Therefore mostly people used this network to use internet with high speed. Add one of the best thing about this telecommunication network is that they provide all packages user-friendly. Mobily Data packages

Mobily packages detail

How you can use internet with cheap rates on this network. You just need to visit and see detail about all information about internet packages. The new window will be appear and you just need to select a data package.

And then dial up on your mobile. Then internet package will be activated on your mobile and you can use this network easily. Let’s come and see two main categories of this network

Mobily prepaid packages

Come and discuss about prepaid internet packages. You just need to follow this link and detailed prepaid internet packages and you are suffering. These are the days are prepaid internet packages. And you can activate one of these on your mobile if you want to use prepaid internet packages. These are are useful for all users.

Mobily Postpaid packages

Now come and discuss about postpaid internet package. You can use all postpaid internet packages on your mobile easily with a click. Means visit mobile prepaid. Then a new window or page will be open and choose one of the best postpaid internet packages for you.

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Chat Avenue app features

Chat avenue is one of the biggest and famous websites which provides chat rooms to people of the world without any restrictions of the country. Chat avenue provides numerous chat rooms and it has many themes and features. It provides an online chatting system through its website and app in Chat Ave website

Chat avenue app is of three different types, it provides apps for iphones, androids and PCs.

Download in laptop or desktop:

To  introduce this chat avenue application in your laptop or desktop you need to install some other softwares in your device or laptops.

First of all you need to download NOX or BLueStacks emulator on your laptop.

Then install these emulators in your laptop or PC and run them.

After installation, visit chat avenue website in your favourite internet browser and click on download.

An APK file will be downloaded in your laptop, install that APK file and it will be running in your laptop or desktop system smoothly.

For mobile.

Chatting on a laptop or PC is too much different from mobile phones. There are two apps available, one is A and the other is B.

In mobiles you need to visit google play store for androids and apple app store in iphones. Search “chat avenue ib” then download and install. It will run smoothly in your smartphone.

Features of Application.

Chat avenue has many features and themes in it. Some features of Chat Avenue are following

  •     If you want to make a private chat with a stranger, then there’s a private chat option.
  •     You can manage and control your messages and sounds.
  •     You block strangers if he/she is annoying you.
  •     It is easy to use and provides quick access. You can also edit, and upgrade your profile through this application. You can also protect your online activity.