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A rock solid, user-focused platform that offers unparalleled flexibility between blockchain based digital assets and traditional Markets. The sustainable ecosystem that will reward all its members

  • 1 XAC = $0.60
  • We accept BTC and ETH

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A secure platform with secure and private contracts. AcuteCoin is characterized by a peer to peer protocol with highly personalization, fast transaction and safe storage. AcuteCoin is an open source coin that is written on the Blockchain and is a Bitcoin Hybrid coin.


A self-regulated financial system that allows owners to earn income through its Lending and Affiliate plans as well as earn more coins through mining, staking, or direct purchasing through Bitcoin.

We make deliberate investments in its ecosystem in order to maximize long-term growth for its lenders. Our developers will utilize dedicated mining rigs to allow our team to mine AcuteCoin, and use that as a source to pay out interest to our community. Sophisticated trading methods will also be used to increase interest payouts.

AcuteCoin has many unique features that make it more accessible than other lending platforms, including a full coin ecosystem. More information and a full list of features can be found here.

How it Work

  • Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum Deposit your BTC or ETH on given deposit address
  • Buy AcuteCoin coins Buy AcuteCoin coin from XAC exchange
  • Earn Daily Profit Earn daily profit up to 2% per day
  • Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum Deposit your BTC or ETH on given deposit address

You can contribute AcuteCoin coin in the AcuteCoin lending platform exclusively from the AcuteCoin dashboard.

This contribution option involves profiting from the AcuteCoin trading bot and volatility software. You will receive daily profits based on your contribution.

Upon term completion you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the AcuteCoin lending platform or optionally re-contribute to continue receiving daily profits.


As AcuteCoin is used within our platform the value will grow and the demand for our system functionality will increase.

Coins are at their lowest price they will ever be.

Over the coming year the expected coin rate will equal US$45 as the platform grows and exceeds 30,000 members.


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USD$0.60 = 1 XAC

Date Price Duration Total Coins
June 01 - June 30 $0.60 PRE-ICO has sold out 1,000,000
June 25 - June 29 $0.70 Round 1 has sold out 1,000,000
To be Announced $ 0.80 10 Days 1,000,000
To be Announced $ 0.90 10 Days 1,000,000
To be Announced $ 1.00 10 Days 1,000,000
To be Announced $ 1.10 10 Days 1,000,000
To be Announced $ 1.20 30 Days 4,000,000
Total Coin Supply on Sale: 10,000,000
  • The accepted form of payment during the ICO is BTC/ETH.

  • ICO has a coin hard cap, once the hard cap has been obtained no further contributions will be accepted.

  • All coins that are not sold out before the round deadline will be immediately transferred to the next round. Unsold coins after the ICO will be placed into the community staking fund.


The funds generated will be used in the following
ways highlighted in the diagram below

Platform Development And Maintenance

Legal Accounting and Administrative

Mobile Exchange and Debit Card Service

Crypto Currency Mining Operation

Trading Liquidity

Crypto Currency Portfolio


Pre ICO Sale

Round 6

Round 5

Round 4

Round 3

Round 2

Round 1


Coin Name

Coin Symbol

Max Supply


ICO Distribution

Held For Ecosystem Staking

Held For Community Staking

ICO Refferel Bonus

Bounty Distribution


Proof of Work

Proof of Stake

Minimum stake age

Maximum stake age

Block Time

Block Confirmations

Coin Maturity



42 million

15 million

10 million

3.39 million

1 million

600 thousand

10 thousand


2 coins per block POW

8% per month

8 hrs


4 min.


15 blocks


More Money Without Extra Effort


Lend liquidity to our trading bot and earn interest based on your lending option. With interest paid daily, you can track all transactions on your dashboard.


Stake AcuteCoin in your wallet and receive more AcuteCoin’s with a staking interest rate of 8% per month for the first 4 months.


Trade BTC, ETH, and XAC in our state-of-the-art internal exchange, without attracting any fees.



Mining pool is planned to be released In August 2018, enabling all members to start mining fresh AcuteCoin’s.


Participate in our affiliate program and earn additional AcuteCoin’s.

Debit Card

Manage your cryptocurrency account on the go with our multi crypto debit card.

Join Out Airdrop



Crypto Currency Portfolio – We accumulate and manage cryptocurrency and token portfolio with a focus on small cap coins and tokens with the greatest potential. ICO’s will also be considered. Community input is key and will be relied upon when making decisions on what coins to buy next via a voting system. The top traders on the platform would have the greater influence on those decisions.

Invite Friends and Earn Without Contributing


More Money Without Extra Effort

Participate in our Affiliate program and earn additional AcuteCoin coins by referring others to our platform. Our program has 3 lucrative levels to earn a residual income, you simply earn a commission every time a referral takes part in our Lending platform. Simply use your affiliate link and tools located in the member’s area. Commission’s you earn will be based on the amount your team deposits. All affiliate earnings can be tracked in the members area


Are you a Promoter, YouTuber or someone that can send AcuteCoin a lot of new member’s (or high net worth clients) we can offer you better partner commissions. Please contact us by email at [email protected] or via Telegram. All applicants will be reviewed within 24 hours.


Staking AcuteCoin is a great option to earn more. Anyone holding AcuteCoin in their wallet will receive interest on their staking balance in return for helping maintain security of the network. You can do it by either the AcuteCoin Web wallet or Desktop wallet planned to launch March 2018. Staking will amount to 8% for the first 4 month and 10% annually thereafter. Staking will begin promptly one hour after coins have been deposited into member wallets. There is no maximum staking amount; the longer your coins are in wallets, the more coins you will earn.



Receive, store and spend BTC, ETH and XAC using a single address in a safe, secure multi-crypto wallet.


All transactions made to and from the AcuteCoin wallet are protected using cryptographic encryption, offering advanced fraud protection, significantly reduced transaction fees and privacy.


With the AcuteCoin debit card you can load your BTC, ETH and XAC onto the debit card to use in millions of stores and ATMs worldwide.

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XAC Demand depending on the number of members

These are projected future price targets based on future development of the project. Our team is highly confident and committed in reaching these price targets and goals.  (*these are projected price targets only.)


White Paper Light Paper
Th Th


We believe in growth. Any business is not growing is a business dying. We have made plans to ensure AcuteCoin continues to grow and everyone involved benifits greatly.


Formation of Team and Vision


Platform Development initiated Developers begin work on platform.

JUNE 2017

AcuteCoin ICO launchFinal testing phases of Lending feature. Development begins on Exchange feature. Windows and Mac Wallets deployed Blockexplorer released


Mining Farm Launch Mining contracts initiated resulting in long-term stability on the community and platform Updated Road Map released


Project Start Project start-up by management team. Strategic partnership formed with small scale mining operation.

MARCH 2018

Marketing of AcuteCoin platform begins Continued platform development and testing Whitepaper released. Website Launched


Exchange and Lending Platform Opened AcuteCoin holders can now participate in the internal exchange and commence lending. External Exchange listing Mining Farm introduction

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Campaign 1:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

45% / 4500 XAC

Campaign 2:

Media, Videos & Blog Posts

50% / 5,000 XAC

Campaign 3:


5% / 500 XAC

For more details on our Bounty, click bounty


Percy Gabriel


Bounthiem Xaysongkham

Lead Blockchain Developer

Bing Hu

Software Engineer

Syed Aftab

UX/UI Designer

Jitendra Yadav

Back-End Developer

Olubomehin Jesufemi

Front-End Developer

Mehedi Hasan Milon

Online Marketing


Charles Madden

Blockchain Advisor



Cryptocurrencies are virtual digital cash and is based on the principles of cryptography. The general objective of cryptocurrencies is to realize an alternative decentralized and secure payment system.

AcuteCoin has its own virtual wallet associated with its Coin. AcuteCoin users benefit from fast transaction execution with very low transaction fees and a return on their assets in the form of the proof-of-stake process.

Within the AcuteCoin platform, we have developed a sophisticated web application that enables our users to operate reciprocal trade in AcuteCoin meaning that members have the ability to both buy and sell AcuteCoin between other users.

1. Getting started with AcuteCoin is easy, simply go to and:

  • Enter your email address (make sure this is correct) and select and confirm your password.
  • Select your country and click to agree to the terms and conditions of use.
  • Click Sign Up button to submit your registration.

2. Now you will receive an email to confirm your address. Login to your mail and click on the link in that email to complete your registration.

3. Once your account is active, you can login and see all available functions in the Dashboard.

We are looking at long term stability through the eyes of traders who have invested in those same projects. AcuteCoin is different from other projects in that we provide actual services to our members and incorporate social media which is a major part of influence and communication. If you wish, you are able to openly discuss your experience with others on a social and professional level.

As an AcuteCoin coin holder you can expect:

  • Coin value to grow with platform development. As AcuteCoin grows in popularity, the demand for AcuteCoin will rise, pushing its price higher and higher. Our statistical research shows that once AcuteCoin attracts just 30,000 active investors, the AcuteCoin price will exceed 45 USD in value.
  • Great investment opportunities in Lending, Staking, Mining and Trading while using our platform.
  • Affiliate programs and bonuses.
  • A unique opportunity to buy XAC coin at its lowest price in history.

Pre-ICO Coins will be credited to your AcuteCoin wallets within seven days after the pre-ICO end date. Coins bought during the ICO will be credited within seven days after of the ICO end date. Meanwhile you can check your XAC balance when signed in.

AcuteCoin has laid plans to cooperate with several of the main cryptocurrency exchanges and are in the early stages of negotiations at the moment. A public announcement will be made once we have secured any exchange listing. Make sure to register for a Telegram account so that you do not miss out on our latest news. Stay tuned!

The purpose of any pre-mine is to raise development funding through crowdfunding distribution and a development fund. The pre-mined coins held by AcuteCoin will be managed by AcuteCoin and primarily used to encourage early developers. Invest in the AcuteCoin ecosystem and ensure a smooth and stable operation of the AcuteCoin Platform.

We will be having the AcuteCoin application in English, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, India, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Taiwanese, Turkish and Vietnamese.

  • The pre-ICO goes live on April 17, 2018 to April 21, 2018.
  • The ICO is live from April 22 to June 5, 2018.

Currently you can only buy AcuteCoin using Bitcoin or Ethereum during the ICO or on our internal decentralized crypto trading exchange with Bitcoin or Ethereum. In the future AcuteCoin can be acquired on other external exchanges. To purchase AcuteCoin now;

  • Register an account.
  • Deposit Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Buy AcuteCoin (in many cases system will automatically convert your Bitcoin or Ethereum to AcuteCoin)
  • Your AcuteCoin wallet will reflect your coin purchase

You will require an e-wallet, you can obtain one here;

You can then purchase BTC/ETH from any of the exchanges listed here Crypto Coin Charts. Once you have obtained your BTC/ETH in your private wallet you can now proceed to forward your payment to us using our payment instructions.

  • They’re at the lowest price they’ll ever be.
  • AcuteCoin is used as cryptocurrency and its value grows as demand for the system’s functionality increases.
  • The expected coin rate will equal $100 per unit when the system grows to 30k investors.

The minimum buy is $50 and there’s no maximum, so you can buy as many as you want.

There will be a maximum of 42,000,000 million AcuteCoin minted. With an initial 15,000,000 million being pre-mined for development and ICO distribution.


  • ICO: 10,000,000 (crowd sale distribution)
  • Foundation: 3,990,000 (used to sustain a stake in ecosystem and carry out corporate mission)
  • Member Staking: 1,000,000 (AcuteCoin for community staking, members share rewards)
  • Bounty: 10,000 (users who participated in the Bounty program are rewarded coins)

Although the AcuteCoin initial coin offering (ICO) is open to the general public, individuals need to make sure they’re eligible to participate according to the laws and regulations of their respective resident country.

Any unsold ICO coins will go to the Member Staking pool and be added to the 1,000,000 million designated coins currently and distributed as rewards for platform members.

Yes, you can find our Bounty conditions here

All Bounty are given out one weeks after the start of the ICO.

  • Our developers are currently working on and doing minor tweaks and testing and we are planning to release the first version no later than June 2018.

We’ll choose the best technology based on the results of tests performed during the AcuteCoin development stage.

The use of blockchain technology allows for the utmost security and transparency for all AcuteCoin transactions.

  • Service providers pay the Acute Coin platform according to the volume of business we generate through trading and sales volume coming from the AcuteCoin platform, which is a classic set-up within financial services. We split this payment into system profit and member rewards.

AcuteCoin investor only pay fees when exchanging coins or converting to fiat. These fees are kept at a minimal in order not to effect the investor’s bottom line. For investor, there are no fee for registering an account and there are no deductions from profitable transactions.

For now, you have to wait for the public prototype release to see it in action which is expected to take 3 – 5 months of development.