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About AcuteCoin

AcuteCoin applies exceptional blockchain technology to transform the way people trade and invest. Investing in an AcuteCoin ICO is a smart way to benefit from an initial offering and secure long-term returns. AcuteCoin is built on a peer-to-peer networking scheme of operation with a high level of security and operates on a blockchain-based system.

Users carrying out any transactions are guaranteed reliability and anonymity. If you are looking for an innovative solution that offers you a more reliable, simpler and faster method of trading in the cryptocurrency market, AcuteCoin is definitely the one for you.

AcuteCoin Overview

Employing a hybrid “performance guarantee” and “share guarantee” mechanism, AcuteCoin is a self-regulated financial system that provides the holder with the ability to spend or transfer money without any centralized intermediary. AcuteCoin also allows the user to earn profits on its platform from contributions made to the underlying cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The AcuteCoin platform provides users with numerous opportunities and an exclusive cryptocommunity where they learn and earn together by building and sharing their portfolios. AcuteCoin aims to be not only a platform for making money, but also a useful tool to help you follow your path in this exciting industry.

How do users earn with AcuteCoin?

AcuteCoin users support the platform, and the ecosystem as a whole, by granting coins in exchange for a percentage of those grants earned. This option was chosen strategically by the AcuteCoin team and is intended to be implemented in a timely manner as the platform and the number of users grows, in order to create a realistic development plan based on the amount of opportunity in the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

AcuteCoin equity allows users who are not quite tech-savvy to profit from the interest in AcuteCoin themselves. It is a bonus system that allows you to lock in your coins, but receive real coins in interest and non-dollar terms, as you benefit from mining new AcuteCoin and seeing them grow in value as the demand for your program increases. In addition, if you share and retain your AcuteCoin coins, you can expect a return of 8% in the first 4 months and 10% annually thereafter.

  • AcuteCoin ICO
  • Coin Name AcuteCoin
  • Coin Name XAS
  • Max Offer 42 Million
  • Premine 15 million.
  • ICO allocation 10 million.
  • Withheld for ecosystem stakes 3.39m.
  • Withheld for community stakes 1m.
  • ICO referral bonuses 600k.
  • Distribution of bounties 10 ths.
  • X11 algorithm
  • Performance guarantee (GR) 2 coins per GR block
  • Equity guarantee of 8% per month
  • Minimum duration of share investment 8 hours
  • Maximum time for share investment Unlimited
  • Block time 4 min.
  • Number of block approvals 4
  • Coin redemption 15 blocks
  • Bounty programme

Platforms of this type would be nothing without users who create web-pages, blogs, forum posts and YouTube videos. The creators allocate an extra bonus for the first of such posts. A total of 10,000 AcuteCoin will be allocated to the pre-platform release during or after the ICO.


ICO fund distribution

  • Platform development – 20%
  • Cryptocurrency mining – 20%
  • Official accounting – 5%
  • Trading liquidity – 15%
  • Debit card maintenance – 25%
  • Cryptocurrency portfolio – 15%

ICO prices

Timing Price Duration Total Coins

  • 1 – 30 May $0.60 30 days 1,000,000
  • 1 – June 5 $0.70 4 days 1 000 000
  • 6 – June 10 $0.80 4 days 1 000 000
  • 11 – 15 June $0.90 4 days 1 000 000
  • 16 – 20 June $1.00 4 days 1 000 000
  • 21 – 25 June $1.10 4 days 1 000 000
  • 26 June – 17 July $1.20 21 days 4 000 000

The accepted form of payment during the ICO is BTC/ETH. The maximum time limit for the ICO is 71 days, unless all coins are sold out earlier. Any coins unsold before the expiry of the round will be immediately transferred to the next round. Unsold coins after the ICO will be transferred to the community pool.


To be part of this revolution and reap significant benefits, you need to become part of the ICO. Take advantage of the moment, get AcuteCoin at the lowest price and be assured of future gains. By becoming a subscriber, you will be able to buy AcuteCoin, support the project and be able to increase your daily income.

Cryptocurrency portfolio

The team populates and manages the cryptocurrency and token portfolio, focusing on small-cap and high-potential coins and tokens. ICOs are also envisaged. Community input is key and will be based on decision making through a voting system on which coins to buy next. The platform’s top traders will have more influence in making these decisions.

Trading, buying and selling. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple trade daily. These cryptocurrencies have more trading volume with traditional fiat markets, which in turn also serve as liquidity guarantors for large purchases of these coins via OTC markets.

Coin lending

AcuteCoin users can participate in the lending platform. Here, users earn various AcuteCoin bonus rates at all levels, depending on the amount of coins the user intends to lend. The larger the loan amount, the more AcuteCoin coins are earned. While other programs seek to reward only first-time participants, the team offers realistic and appropriate rates of return for all. All members can be assured that the coin loans will attract daily payouts, as great importance is given to all members of the platform.

Affiliate Program

AcuteCoin offers a referral program that allows you to earn extra coins every time you tell other users about the opportunity and recommend AcuteCoin to them.

With each new user coming to the AcuteCoin platform through your affiliate link, the bonus program brings you additional prospects for more earnings. The AcuteCoin affiliate program has 3 levels of rewards for each registered affiliate, allowing you to earn additional commissions.
Whenever a referral buys services on the platform through your affiliate link, you automatically earn your commission. The amount your affiliate spends determines the commission you receive. Selected YouTube promoters as well as top promoters will be rewarded for their efforts.

Cryptocurrency mining

Currently operating a small mining farm in North America. The activity started in May 2017 and reached breakeven in October 2017.

At the moment it is mining coins such as Electroneum and Ethereum, with plans to expand with the hope of opening a new unit in a country that can provide enough sunlight for solar panels and the lowest cost of electricity consumed. More news on this AcuteCoin project should be expected in the near future.

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