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Boi net banking form filling guide.

Some customers want to register their accounts for internet banking in Bank of India. Before registering their accounts they need to fill BOI net banking form.

  1. Step : First of all download the form from the official website of bank of india and take print of that form.
  2. Step: Read the form carefully and its terms and conditions. write the name of bank branch where you have to submit the form
  3. Step: Write your first name then your middle name and then your last name in the required box.
  4. Step: Put your Id number in the “My customer Id” box. and then tick on the residential status,means from which country do you belong to.
  5. Step : Leave the “Name of firm” and activity type as blank. If you have some activity then select that activity. If it not work then visit Boi not working solution
  6. Step : Write your date of birth and your mother’s name in the required part.
  7. Step : Use the guidelines for user ID then you can write your user Id if you want to give it a preference. Your user ID must be from 6 to 10 letters in length. It must contain an alphabet and numeric number only.
  8. Step : Click on the services which you want from the bank of india.
  9. Step: Write your postal address in the “Communication address ” box. Put your city name, state name and also pin code. Then put your mobile number which is registered and your email ID if you have Fax then you can also put that.
  10. Step : Write the date of submission of form, your signature and your full name. Leaves the bottom area of form, that will be filled by office only. Then submit your form.