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Civil ID Card renewal online in Kuwait 2021

The ID card or community ID is also called Bitaqa-Almadaniyah The Civil ID card contains all the information about the residents. It is an important document for anyone detained abroad. Under Kuwait’s recent law, foreign nationals in Kuwait will not be allowed to enter or leave the country unless they have a valid passport and ID card issued by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).if you want to renew your civil id here is a best website to know all about civil id

As an immigrant living in Kuwait, it is important to carry legal and official documents with you whenever you travel around the city. The process of renewing Public Identity Cards has become easier in Kuwait.

Civil-ID Card renewal process

Civil ID cards can now be renewed online, below are the steps and requirements to get your Civil ID card updated without difficulty. Applicants must visit the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers’ Building, Downstairs, Reception Hall to receive a new card. Required document is Old civil ID.


You can do this service over the phone or online at both

First: By telephone

Call 1889988
Press (1) in Arabic and (2) in English
Select the service number (1) from the list of names
Enter your old ID number and wait until your application is processed

paci civil id renewal online

Step 1) Go to the PACI system website In Envelope, if the website is Arabic you can change the language to English.

Step 2) Enter Civil ID no and serial no. shown in the background

Step 3) You will need to verify your mobile number. so they will send you a confirmation SMS

Step 4) Enter all the required data (blood type is unique but if that needs to be changed and you will also need to upload a web report)

Step 5) Upload the required documents

Step 6) You will be sent an application reference number to your registered mobile number, which you can use to track the progress of your application. here is a complete procedure to civil id renewal online 

Step 7) The process will take a few days as your request requires a manual check, once approved you will be sent a link to your mobile phone to make the payment.

Step 8) Get your new card from the Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters, Zahra, Checkers ’Building, Floor, Reception Hall. Pay the card receipt fee.