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Check Iqama Expiry Date Status With Absher

Check Iqama Expiry Date With Absher

Are You Facing a problem to check the iqama expiry date?. Hi, Dear Friends welcome to our new article about check iqama expiry date with the Absher method. Few Year ago the KSA means Saudi Government Launched a new application with the Name of Absher.

In the initial stage, no one knows about that, but a few months later the Government announced that the Expats who are working under the Saudi Government can check their iqama status online with Mobile phone and Computer.

Few Year Ago peoples go to the office in Saudi Arabia for iqama status checking and renewal, but this made many things easy for peoples. After that, the Government Makes a website with the name of moi for ex-pats.

This website works fine a few years and then they show problems like server error or sometimes not open. Seeing this situation that peoples facing any difficulty and problem that the Government gives the task developers to make that kind of application where a worker can check their status.

So after a few months, the Government Launched the Absher app. In this article, I will guide you step by step.

Absher Registration and Login Process

iqama expiry date

In this article, I will tell you how to check iqama expiry date with Absher and how to register yourself on it and how to log in it.

Step 1: Install the app from the play store and open it on the android mobile phone. Register your new account by clicking on New user option. When clicking on it the forum comes and asked you to fill the forum.

Step 2: Fill the registration information including your name and iqama number. The phone number and Gmail are also mandatory for registration.

Step 3: Fill the captcha and submit a new registration. Before registration your account need verification that is available in the form of code on your phone number or some time on Gmail

Step 4: After complete registration click on the login option of the Absher app. Put your register Gmail and secure Password to login to your account.

Step 5: When account login clicks on the Dashboard iqama check option. Now check iqama expiry date by entering your iqama number.