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How To Check Kuwait Civil ID Status

Kuwait civil id is the national identity for expats in Kuwait. This identity card is know as a civil id in Kuwait. In this article, I will tell you how to check kuwait civil id status.

There are Few Methods to check the complete status of your civil identity card. There are the list of procedure to check it

  1. PACI Kuwait Portal
  2. Civil Mobile ID
  3. Voice Inquiry

Here Is a Easy Guide To Civil Id Status Check

Civil id Status With PACI Kuwait Portal.

Civil id Status With PACI Kuwait Portal is Most popular way. But here I will explain very easy and simple language. So you can check the status with this in just 2 Minutes. So Follow Below Given steps

  1. Visit PACI Kuwait Portal For checking the status easily. In the Main appears of this portal you will find “inquiring About Civil Id Status Option. Click On this Optin
  2. Now Enter Your Civil Id Number in the Big Box Of Civil Id. Put Your Civil id Number and then “Press Query” option Button
  3. The Status of Your Civil id Appear, If you the status come that “No outstanding renewal request”, its means your status is good and your card is valid,not expired. If Status come, You have not Renews Your id, its means your card is not valid, means you have a  expired card. So renew it as soon as Possible

Civil Id Status With Kuwait Mobile ID

Use Kuwait Mobile ID application If you want To check civil id status with Mobile using app. So follow below steps

  1. Install Civil Mobile ID App. Allow permission and click to Open it. Select Your Language
  2. Click on “Check Civil id Status Option”. Enter Your civil id number in the Box of civil id number.
  3. Click on Query Option To find the status of your civil id

Civil Id Status Voice Inquiry

Dail 1889988 on your Zain Sim or any Mobile network sim to Check civil id status using voice query. Follow all process and do same. In this way you can “inquiring About Civil Id Status Voice Query