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What Is Big Ticket | How we can Buy Big Ticket

Assalam Walekum Friends, today I will tell you what is the big ticket about the ticket and where it is and how we can purchase it online and buy it online.A lot of people ask about what a Big Ticket is and where they can purchase it and whether it is legal or not legal, you will get answers to all these questions.

What Is Big Ticket?

What Is Big Ticket | How we can Buy Big Ticket

First of all I would like to tell you what a Big Ticket is. A Big Ticket is a lottery done every month in the UAE. A lot of these people win 10 million DH.And people like it very much because it is a very cheap ticket that you can buy in 500 riyals. It is drawn every month at Abu Dhabi International Airport. If you want to participate in it, buy tickets today then go ahead I will tell you how you can purchase it online.If you want to know about the big ticket, then visit here.

How We Can Buy Big Ticket Online?

Now friends, I will tell you how you can purchase big tickets online and if you want to take from Dubai, I will also tell you how you can buy tickets and you can participate in tickets from anywhere in the world. First of all, I will tell you how you can make changes online, what you have to do first is to go to the official site of these, after this, register above or There will be no up button, you have to click on it and you have to create your account, after creating who you have to buy a ticket, from there you can buy any ticket by selecting your payment method, if you want to buy from Dubai, then you have Abu Dhabi International. You have to go to the airport and buy a ticket from there. If you want to know about registration about big ticket, then also visit here.